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MySplint Technology

What makes MySplint different from regular splints- and why should you choose MySplint? The answer lies in our proprietary thermoplastics that let MySplint mold to your unique shape for an exact fit.

What Are Thermoplastics?

heat activated splints
Traditional thermoplastics, also known as thermosoftening plastics, are single ply/layer plastics that become pliable when heated and harden when cooled. They’re used in many orthopedic specialty braces to allow for accurate fitting and maximum support.

MySplint multi layer thermoplastic splints use an exceptional material composite because they’re able to change their physical properties rapidly without the normally associated phase changes. When used in a splint, these multi layer composite thermoplastics provide an innovative and technologically advanced way to create a true custom fit while remaining as easy to use as many one-size splints.

When you put MySplint in the microwave, the heating process changes the structure of the polymers, making MySplint feel soft and pliable. As the temperature decreases and polymers return to their original state those polymers regain their initial strength, causing MySplint to become rigid and firm in its new, custom fit shape.

The thermoplastics used in MySplint can even be remolded up to 5 times while maintaining their rigidity and strength.

Thermoplastics in Splints & Braces

Physicians have been using thermoplastics in splinting for several decades, with impressive results. A study which used a thermoplastic splinting material similar to MySplint, found that molding splints were as useful as full casts in many cases.  For a link to this study, click here. (opens in new tab) Thermoplastics are also used by professional physical therapists as a splinting material for specialty orthopedic needs. Those premium braces are now available to all consumers…from MySplint!


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